The Social Network...

Thought of putting it Across ! The Social Network: 
Second great flick in a year, first one obviously was Inception with an IMDb rating of 9.0 

I was Amazed by the characterization of Mark Zuckerberg. A complete Nerd, Loud mouth, and a Cheat.
Well... I wonder why all success stories are ridden with controversies. Jesse Eisenberg did a remarkable job of being a self obsessed, backstabbing and opportunist businessman. But the question is ?? Is dat all about the story or is there any other side of it?

This movie establishes Zuckerberg as a complete *********
But how does it matter.... he still owns "THE FACEBOOK" with over 500 million users and still growing.

The ending dialogue : "Mark you are not an Asshole, you are just trying so hard to become one"


  1. ya point..the world's largest networking site hold by the most unsocial person in the planet..

  2. he was blinded by ambition........!
    he lost his only friend.... !

  3. First of are always lonely at the top.

    Second....Mark was never in it for making fast bucks and the movie does not show any of the characters in with complete sincerity.

    Obviously what can you expect in a movie which has a time limit of 120 minutes or so.

    Likewise.... his only friend was not a saint either since his first aim to get his money back rather than supporting the person whom he desperately calls a traitor in the movie.

    Similarly Sean Parker was not an asshole as is shown in the movie.... he gave FB the monetary muscle which was req for it expand which Saverin as a CFO of the company was unable to arrange.

    Obviously a company needs people who are ready to sacrifice short term gains for long term insights. Obviously none of the degree can teach you this thing.

    Mark was into FB since he loved what he was doing..... i.e. CODING.

    If his primary aim was to make money by backstabbing his friends then he could have handled it alone from the beg since he was capable of pulling it all alone by himself from the beginning.

    he offered Saverin the role of the CFO thinking that he will help the FB to grow and not stifle it by stopping the only fund source they have by
    stopping the payments.

    Third....Being social is not a trait for success. He is not building a airline company where u need to constantly give a fake smile to the strangers.

    Obviously bill gates before jumping into philanthropy was called a traitor and a cheater
    by many people.... he was also one of the most unsocial person.... although steve jobs has the title of being the most ruthless and antisocial
    CEO alive. but then if they were not like that then ipod or ipad will never would have been different since they were doomed to be a failure from the beg by the society and media at large.

    it is better if you read the books who made the basis of the half baked movie "The Social Network" rather than believing the movie as a complete work.

  4. dats some support...!
    well to start with ....

    if u read my blog PROPERLY Enough then u would know that I was not opinionating the thought as complete truth.

    1) I have written dat is it the complete story or dere is another side of it? which is dere....

    2) I have written what ever was shown in that movie and hav appreciated the protagonist for doing justice to the role he was given, obviously i do not know Mark Zucker burg enough to know was he exactly the same as shown.....

    3) after all said and done , My blogging was more out of curiosity because obviously to defame a person of such stature is very easy and no body cares to know what the truth is ...

    So my dear friend if dere is another side of the story , i would definitely like to read it . Thank you for letting me know about the book.... :)

  5. Ankit dats called informed perspective!!


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