Friday, April 18, 2014

Torn between bad choices !

Finally elections has arrived. Even before BJP conceived the idea of NaMo, the undercurrents were rife and the storm was slowly building. The chant was just in the nascent phase and gradually it picked up. The moment BJP announced NaMo, he became indispensable for the people of India ... NaMo for change ! Vote for BJP ! Abki Bar Modi Sarkar ! 
Well when the storm passes and the dust settle down, will the real appear till then.. it will continue, every joke, every sms, every gossip, office talks, chai breaks NaMo will remain the Hot Cup!  

Clearly India is stirred and desperate for change. Change form Congress. Change from Inflation, Change from Bad Infrastructure, Change form miserable living standards, Change form Shameless violation of women safety.Change from blatant Corruption, but all said and done are we really taking a step towards that change ? Well clearly thats what we think we are doing ! 

I on the other hand feel that people of India are torn between bad choices. On one hand there is Congress, (I dont wanna waste my time and energy here in describing this thing ) and on the other hand there is BJP. So what r we gonna do ? Choose the lesser of the two evils ! 

Yess! that is exactly we are doing and that is exactly what we continue to do ! When it comes to talk big, we do, when it comes to play blame games , oh! how we love it ! But when some one steps up and decides to take up the challenge? We pull that person down! and How ! 
We talk about second chances ?? to whom ? Congress ?? how many chances exactly have we given to the biggest shit hole party of India ? innumerable. How many chances have we given to Big Jokers party of India ?? .. Oh you all know very well ! But we dare not give a second chance to someone who might be a Drama queen ! Might be a loser but, could have been THE BEGINNING OF A CHANGE! 

Yes ! We are suffering from a HEARD MENTALITY! We clearly do not know the importance of people and people's voice in a democracy !We do not even know if we have a voice. So when some one from among us stands on the podium and says ."I ask you, people of India"! We get scared, really scared. We hide in our shells, we laugh at the fool. We do not know how to demand cause over the years we have only learnt to meekly submit and accept 

 Because we have been led by a class of people who don't even have a proper school education. Who cant even write their names on paper. We have been traded and used time and again for the benefit of a few clever minds. We have been shushed by force or by false hopes. We have been bribed with alcohol and free food. We have been made to believe in an illusion called development, and when all this did not work, we have been used as a religious weapon! All on the whims and fancies of the so called leaders of India. 

This time again we have been beguiled by a Mirage, an illusion of development and change, an illusion called NaMo. The truth behind it no body knows, no body has seen. We are riding a wave, we are intoxicated with the image. 

It takes courage to accept the responsibility of your country ! No body is ready to do that. 
We Blame each other but we need to remember, Change starts form you ! 

I don not say vote for the A B or C of politics. Choice is yours, but understand that we have a voice. We are not the slaves we were 50 years ago !

We are free. The only thing missing is the free will ! free spirit and the need to feel it 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Ever I get inspired to write and then next moment .............aaaaah! maybe later

So it has been a looooooooooong time since i used my keyboard to pen down the mess inside my chaotic mind. Things have changed since. I have switched to Twitter and dumped FB, Whats App is the way of life, lost my first Android Smart phone and my second phone is giving me night mares! sometimes I feel handicapped due to my Phone. My hard drive crashed taking away all of my stored data to Rest In Peace. My Car met with an accident but thankfully I wasn't in there so it came back from service center and met with another minor accident. Lol !! :P Wait ! O i am cribbing again ........

But cribbing is a way of life now ! My Twitter handle description reads - No Longer Happy, Whining/Bitching is a part of life. I am turning into a hater :P  
I became deficient in Vitamin D and B12, surprising !! My relation with Sun God is eternal, not a day goes when I am not in the sun ...( Agri Woes !). I tasted all types of alcohol and then realized its no good. I started hating "Vada Pav" since the day it upset-ed my digestive system and spoiled my Sunday. Hmmphhh!! 
I gained lost contacts with my long lost pals ! My BFF almost broke our friendship and blocked me :( due to my negligence only to be pampered and convinced by me into taking me back in her life ;) :P (Drama queen!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

I did commit a few crimes for which I had to pay a price ! A portion of my pride ! But I bounced back thanks to a few true friends :) 

I got backstabbed ! Learned to Kow Tow ! Learned to be diplomatic and survive ...Became Nonchalant to the issues that bothered me earlier. Searched for love and respect and popularity and fame ! Fell flat on my face. Suffered from Foot in Mouth Syndrome ! Learnt not to take shit ! Stopped pleasing people  
Learnt to take criticism in stride (Well knowing that no one's perfect in this world and those who advice you most eloquently and frequently are the biggest hypocrites !!)

Realized the importance of friendship! Made peace with a few old enemies and moved ahead. 

Many Notions have changed ! Many realizations have happened but still there are things that fill me with wonder ! Still there are things that makes me Surprised ! 
I am loving it ! 

I want to wear the facade for the world around yet I want to remain the same inside... 

So finally I feel light ! All the mess of crap came out and will adore the Blog wall !

I am gonna start a new chapter of my life ;) Yaay! 
Keep the learning coming ....................

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hi Dere!
Isn't this Amazing ! My company actually celebrated Valentines day with a Big Heart showing 

This is how we create chemistry ! BASF The Chemical Company ....

Friday, February 22, 2013

On the CrossRoads !

Well as someone somewhere quoted: "Everyone round me is either getting engaged, married or Pregnant ! I am simply getting more awesome !" (Reminds me of Barney Stinson # HIMYM) makes me wonder about my life. As far as the Stats goes
Status- Single
Life - Awesome 
Love - Its Complicated 
Job- Whatever ! 
Future - Who cares !
Parents - Worried 
Alcohol- not yet, but looking at the frenzy around me, might be my next resort.

I on the other hand believe that who ever, where ever, when ever has to happen ; will happen to me. I am not bothered which, is all the more a reason why my parents are going ballistic with every passing second ! 

Anyway, I am sitting in my Boss's office writing this.  Its Appraisal time... !!! of course he is not around. So my TGIF mood will now largely depend on my 4 O'clock encounter with my Bossy ! (although he is the sweetest boss in the history of Bosses but you know how appraisals can be and who so ever has a upper hand, wins !)

So going back to my Stats ! I have never been the "been there done that" type, I mean my life has always been so Far Far Away from the radar that it baffles me now when people say "Tera Chakkar kya hai ? or the omnipresent..."Shaadi kab kar rahi hai?" kar le tu bhi ..sabki ho rahi hai??... :P Some even going upto the extent of sermonizing about "the right age to get married and stuff!" Phew !

So i am forced into believing that its all meant to happen when it has to happen .... thanks people for bringing little excitements in ma life !

So life as of now is cool ! I am still in my Bosses cabin ! 
I will be adding bits and pieces as and when it enters ma mind :-D