Its about time

It's about time
I feel that you are around
Just waiting for us to bring you in our lives. I am ready to welcome you
I always felt I am still a kid inside
I still feel how it will be
When you are here..I was not ready to let go of my shell
my protective covering
But for you I will willingly sacrificeFor you will be my Armour
My love my life ....

My Anchor in the Sea

Here I am, Standing on the sandLoosing my ground, with every wave
The time is flying by, no moment to rejoice
I wonder what I was and what were my dreams
Being carried away in a furious stream 
Everybody is in a hurry, not a helping hand 
And then I look at you, My hope in despair, My Anchor in the Sea
Do you feel the same about me ? 

Married and at peace =)

I bid goodbye to the demon called matrimonial search a few months back and entered the most glorified (?) or rather most dreaded (by the husbands) arena of life. Yess ! Got Married ... 19th May it was. And I will be lying if I say I din't have the pre- wedding jitters. My Sisters and my best friend are a testimony to that.

While I was battling between the strong urge to cry and hide and fear of spoiling my makeup by doing so; Mr A had arrived the marriage venue and calmly taken his place at the center stage. (Wait till you hear his side of the story :P)
I was shaking and wanting a jaadu ki jhappi from my friend who was dere for me :D. I took my bridal steps with less grace and more fear ... and finally became Mrs A

But ever since then all I have felt is happiness and serene peacefulness :)
Mr A is nearly Mr P (Perfect) and I can not help but smile when ever I think of him, even in the busiest hours of my day

My KungFu Panda ........ich liede dich ! :D .

Torn between bad choices !

Finally elections has arrived. Even before BJP conceived the idea of NaMo, the undercurrents were rife and the storm was slowly building. The chant was just in the nascent phase and gradually it picked up. The moment BJP announced NaMo, he became indispensable for the people of India ... NaMo for change ! Vote for BJP ! Abki Bar Modi Sarkar !  Well when the storm passes and the dust settle down, will the real appear till then.. it will continue, every joke, every sms, every gossip, office talks, chai breaks NaMo will remain the Hot Cup!  
Clearly India is stirred and desperate for change. Change form Congress. Change from Inflation, Change from Bad Infrastructure, Change form miserable living standards, Change form Shameless violation of women safety.Change from blatant Corruption, but all said and done are we really taking a step towards that change ? Well clearly thats what we think we are doing ! 
I on the other hand feel that people of India are torn between bad choices. On one h…

When Ever I get inspired to write and then next moment .............aaaaah! maybe later

So it has been a looooooooooong time since i used my keyboard to pen down the mess inside my chaotic mind. Things have changed since. I have switched to Twitter and dumped FB, Whats App is the way of life, lost my first Android Smart phone and my second phone is giving me night mares! sometimes I feel handicapped due to my Phone. My hard drive crashed taking away all of my stored data to Rest In Peace. My Car met with an accident but thankfully I wasn't in there so it came back from service center and met with another minor accident. Lol !! :P Wait ! O i am cribbing again ........
But cribbing is a way of life now ! My Twitter handle description reads - No Longer Happy, Whining/Bitching is a part of life. I am turning into a hater :P   I became deficient in Vitamin D and B12, surprising !! My relation with Sun God is eternal, not a day goes when I am not in the sun ...( Agri Woes !). I tasted all types of alcohol and then realized its no good. I started hating "Vada Pav"…
Hi Dere! Isn't this Amazing ! My company actually celebrated Valentines day with a Big Heart showing 
This is how we create chemistry ! BASF The Chemical Company ....

On the CrossRoads !

Well as someone somewhere quoted: "Everyone round me is either getting engaged, married or Pregnant ! I am simply getting more awesome !" (Reminds me of Barney Stinson # HIMYM) makes me wonder about my life. As far as the Stats goes
Status- Single Life - Awesome  Love - Its Complicated  Job- Whatever !  Future - Who cares ! Parents - Worried  Alcohol- not yet, but looking at the frenzy around me, might be my next resort.
I on the other hand believe that who ever, where ever, when ever has to happen ; will happen to me. I am not bothered which, is all the more a reason why my parents are going ballistic with every passing second ! 
Anyway, I am sitting in my Boss's office writing this.  Its Appraisal time... !!! of course he is not around. So my TGIF mood will now largely depend on my 4 O'clock encounter with my Bossy ! (although he is the sweetest boss in the history of Bosses but you know how appraisals can be and who so ever has a upper hand, wins !)
So going back…